An Automated Consumer Insights Engine For Brands

Posted on 26 Dec, 2016

With the evolution of social and digital media in the last decade, the medium of communication and sharing information among brands & consumers has changed drastically. This realm is an amalgam of conversations, opinions & feedbacks from the brand’s consumers. If exploited perfectly, the data and information could offer brands insights that are proven to get exponentially higher ROIs, reduced research time & increased capital efficiency.

With rapidly evolving consumer preferences, brands have now realized that they need to provide versatile products, services, colors and fashions to stay on trend & appeal to a changing and sensitive customer base. Thus, there is a need of an automated system that aims to deliver actionable insights centric around customers. The system must analyze the data in real time, perform in-depth analysis using machine learning and natural language processing and generate consumer insights. Not only the insights should be backed by data analysis but also should be validated with ongoing trends and must align toward industry knowledge.

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