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Playing with Epoc Emotiv

Posted on May 01, 2014

Ever imagined, Controlling the world around with the help of brain, thoughts and emotions. Imagine if, someone feelings producing an real time action like automated facebook chatting, changing the gears of a car or drawing in paint application without using hands. Well, Epoc Emotiv has made it possible.

The Australian based company emotiv with more than 10 years research has made a killer product named "EPOC EMOTIV". Its basically a kind of headset with a number of sensors attached to it, The role of the sensors is to extract the brain wave patterns or signals from human brain. Emotiv has presented a revolutionary personal interface for interaction between humans and computers. Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, multi-channel, wireless neuroheadset. The EPOC uses a set of 14 sensors plus 2 references to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect the user\'s thoughts, feelings and expressions in real time.

Epoc Emotiv Headset

There are three suites included in epoc emotiv sdk namely affectiv, cognitive and expressive. Cognitive suite is the core feature of this product as it captures human thoughts. Epoc also supports motor actions, gyro actions and expressiv actions. Epoc is even capable to decide the user\'s mood, head movements, face expression, face actions and much more.

When all the features are combined than a useful amount of data can be collected. This data can be smartly used by the researchers, developers of just the the user himself to create something useful. The device\'s output from human brain can be manipulated by the intelligent developers to create some unthinkable applications and products.

Some of the major projects featuring epoc emotiv are:

  • Controlling a 4 wheeler vehicle using your brain. Several actions are mapped to create different actions.
  • Robotic arm which is controlled by brain, playing gaming interfaces in mobiles and computers.
  • Authentication and identification using pass thoughts rather passwords.
  • Online drawing patterns in paint using brain.

ME and my Friends Mayank Bhola and Varun Malhotra played with Epoc Emotiv for around 6 months and successfully implemented following:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Gyro game
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Cognitive game
  • Pattern Authentication
  • Mind Motion State
  • Brain Wave Authentication
  • User Action Mappring to Computer Actions

Here are some of our memories with epoc emotiv. Feel free to contact, discuss and share !