Sociofuzz: Movie Reviews, Ratings and Trends using Social Media Analysis !!!

Posted on 14 Sep, 2016

Movie buffs rely on rating provider websites before watching a movie. A user based rating system incorporates inherent predilections, while a purely critic based system is biased, as it is heavily observed that even not so critically acclaimed movies going very well with them. People now-a-days rely on what’s being fed to them over the internet. There might be cases where one can get accurate movie ratings, but there is huge chance to miss out on a great flick just because ten people with different mindset gave it a bad review.

Social Media has become an important community where people likes to express their reviews and opinions. They tweet about the movie, write comments and posts, which is infact comprised of a significant information that can be used to provide a social rating. I started working on this idea of capturing non biased and true opinions of people from social media and creating a complete platform for providing a compact analysis movies.

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