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Complete Guide to Implement and Understand Natural Language Processing in python

According to industry estimates, only 21% of the available data is present in structured form. Data is being generated as we speak, as we tweet, as we send messages on Whatsapp and in various other activities. Majority of this data exists in the textual form, which is highly unstructured in nature ...

An automated Consumer Insights Engine For Brands

With the evolution of social and digital media in the last decade, the medium of communication and sharing information among brands & consumers has changed drastically. This realm is an amalgam of conversations, opinions & feedbacks from the brand’s consumers. If exploited perfectly, the data and information could offer brands insights that are proven to get exponentially higher ROIs, reduced research time & increased capital efficiency ...

Document Classification using Apache Spark in Scala

Email Spam Identification, category classification of news and organization of web pages by search engines are the modern world examples for document classification ...

Sociofuzz: Movie Reviews, Ratings and Trends using Social Media Analysis !!!

Movie buffs rely on rating provider websites before watching a movie. A user based rating system incorporates inherent predilections, while a purely critic based system is biased ...

Beginners Guide to Topic Modeling in Python

Analytics Industry is all about obtaining the “Information” from the data. With the growing amount of data in recent years, that too mostly unstructured, it’s difficult to obtain the relevant and desired information. But, technology has developed some powerful methods which can be used to mine through the data and fetch the information that we are looking for ...

Building a Recommendation Engine to Find Similar Brands

Since the amount of data has grown massively in last few years, the task of obtaining relevant information has become a challenge.

AV Data Hack - Rest API, Mining, Analysis, Visualizing

AV is a great website for discussions, articles, hacks related to data science and analytics. For the hackathon I started looking for ideas around the data from this website.

Understanding How Backpropagation Algorithm works - Neural Networks 2

In backpropagation algorithm, gradient of our cost function (delta change in cost) is calculated. This gradient (error) is back passed.

Getting Started with Data Science - Data Munging

Data Munging is the crucial component of data science which involves all the activities of exploring, tweaking and customizing the dataset according to the problem statement.

Getting Started with Data Science - Data Mining

Data Mining is a process of collecting data, extraction of data and preparation of raw data set. It results in formation of a datasets which are in the ready to analyse formats.

Notes: Neural Network 1

This blog series will be series of notes about neural networks. Lets get started with first section about Perceptrons, Sigmoid neurons, gradient descent and neural network architecture. ...

Understanding the growing importance and meaning of data science

Data is everywhere around us, More than 200 million users on twitter, share content, videos and photos every day (Social Media Data). 500 Million smartphones are used for making calls, texts messaging

Social media data analysis and its industrial impact

Social media is a huge collection of communication streams comprised of large scale user inputs, user to user interactions, content sharing and collaboration. These channels engage millions of people

Practices to Improve Text Classification Model

A few months back, I was working on creating a sentiment classifier for Twitter data. After trying the common approaches, I was still struggling to get good accuracy ...

Basics of Recommendation Engines

Ever wondered, what algorithm google uses to maximize its target ads revenue?. What about the e-commerce websites which advocates you through options such as ...

Steps for text data cleaning

The days when one would get data in tabulated spreadsheets are truly behind us. A moment of silence for the data residing in the spreadsheet pockets. Today, more than 80% of the data is unstructured .

Everything you need to know about text parsing

Parsing is the process of analysing an object consisting of various datapoints according to either rules of a formal grammar or syntatical data patterns or both ...

Operational Transform

When multiple sites are collaborating on a single text document, Order of events occured at thses sites is important ...

Playing with Epoc Emotiv

Ever imagined, Controlling the world around with the help of brain, thoughts and emotions. Imagine if, someone's feelings producing an real time action like automated facebook chatting ...

Web Scraping in Python

Web Scraping is a process of extracting out useful information form any website. Sometimes it is also refered as web mining, web crawling and web parsing ...

Deploy Flask Application on Heroku

Heroku is one of the most popular cloud hosting service. It can be used to deploy the applications of Python, Php, Ruby, Node.js and many more online ...

Android Pc Voice Controller

The intent of this blog is to give an outline of my academic android project. After scouting for different app ideas, I decided to make a utility application on the android platform ...